Centennial Celebration Presentation at 2013 CAS Annual Meeting

Gail Ross, Chair of the CAS Centennial Steering Committee, provided 2013 CAS Annual Meeting attendees with a preview of the plans underway for the organization’s Centennial Celebration, scheduled for November 9-12, 2014 in New York City.

Aside from the Centennial Meeting itself, the CAS is marking its 100th anniversary by:

  • Developing a Centennial History Book
  • Collecting historical photos
  • Launching the Centennial Website

In addition, the CAS has commissioned the creation of a CAS stained glass window that will be placed in the historic Staple Inn in London, England, alongside those of other actuarial organizations around the world.

Gail described the Centennial Celebration as a meeting “by the members, for the members” and illustrated that by describing unique aspects of the program that will make the Celebration a memorable occasion. Foremost among these is the Centennial Band and Chorus, which will perform as part of the Gala Dinner. The band and chorus will be made up of musically-inclined CAS members who have volunteered to provide entertainment during the Centennial Celebration.

Another unique aspect of the Centennial Celebration is the CAS Centennial Museum, which will feature a historical photo gallery and displays that illustrate the evolution of the CAS, such as the various designs of the Actuarial Review from the earliest issues leading to the magazine that is published today. The CAS welcome ideas from members for items that can be included in the museum as well as the loan of actual items to be displayed in the museum.

Gail also recognized those firms who are supporting the CAS through its corporate partner program. Five firms have joined the new upper tier of the corporate partner program called Centennial Partner.

Centennial Partners are:

  • Ernst & Young
  • Ezra Penland Actuarial Recruitment
  • Lexis Nexis
  • Milliman, and
  • Pauline Reimer and Pryor Associates Executive Search

While noting that CAS sincerely appreciates these firms’ support of the CAS Centennial, Gail announced that the CAS is limiting the Centennial Partner tier to six firms, and with five firms committed, one spot remains. Firms who are interested in becoming a Centennial Partner should contact Megan LaVine at mlavine@casact.org.